What would the world be without search? The software titan already has search enhancements high on its agenda for Windows 8.1. And in a recent new blog post, Microsoft talked about the improvements made in this regard.

Redmond unveiled a completely redesigned search tool in Windows 8.1 that can look for a variety of information, not only on local drives but also files stored in a user’s SkyDrive account.

The company talks about these and other improvements in a new post, saying that improving the search feature was a priority for the company — it wants Windows users to find the content they need, as fast as possible.

Jon Gordner, the senior program manager lead for Windows explained this in detail:

“By using the features built into the SearchBox, such as history and suggestions, taking advantage of the flexibility of an in-app control, and creating well-designed results pages, you’ll give users a reliable way to get to exactly the content they want at exactly time that they want it. That’s power and efficiency your users will appreciate.”

Microsoft also confirmed its plans to offer an enhanced and complete search experience in Windows 8.1 by improving the search feature to allow it to look inside apps — making it easier for users to find emails, contacts or specific locations.

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  1. Quick search also means indexing and could harm CPU performance. Hope they don’t get too crazy to the search function and make the OS too slow. I normally turn off indexing in Win7 just so it won’t slow me down.

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