Microsoft recently put forward, very quietly, an iPad to Surface trade-in program on its Windows Store, whereby it is offering a minimum of $200 for users that want to trade in their Apple slate.

This new promotion is of interest to users that are in the market for a new Surface unit.

And now with expectation that the technology titan is gearing up to unveil the second generation Surface units in an event in NYC next week, people have been wondering whether a similar trade-in program is on the cards for the next generation Surface slates.

The good news is that something like this is very much on the cards.

This is unofficial confirmation, of course, but it now appears that Redmond is planning a similar program for the new Surface Pro, giving owners of the existing model a chance to upgrade to this year’s model at some very special prices.

A curious Reddit user claims that he talked to the staff of his local Microsoft Store, who confirmed that a trade-in program is very likely — one that would require customers to pay the difference in amount for the second generation Surface unit.

The user explained:

“I called an actual Microsoft Store, and they said they will probably know more information once the event is over. But they said that–for sure–I will not be able to exchange my Surface Pro for a Surface Pro 2 even if the Surface Pro 2 is launched. They did say, however, that they will–for sure–have a trade-in program where I can pay the difference.”

If something like this is on after the unveiling of the new Surface Pro, it surely would be quite an incentive for current generation Surface owners to upgrade to newer models that are expected to be powered by the much more power efficient Intel Haswell chips.

At the same time, it would be a great gesture from Microsoft towards its loyal user base that dived in with for the premier Surface Pro. Stay tuned for more on this, this could be good!

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