After some of the grandiloquent news bits of the past couple of weeks, here are some exciting rumors and speculation about the future Surface tablets from Microsoft.

Previously leaked information has revealed that both the RT and the Pro versions of the slate are to receive updates in the next 12 months — but that is just a casual estimate. Refreshed slates should be with us sooner rather than later.

And while Redmond is reportedly busy trying to clear out Surface RT inventories to make way for the second generation tablet, sources expect the new model is on track go on sale this year.

Having said that, details on what Surface 2.0 will bring are as vague as they get right now.

In terms of hardware, both Qualcomm and NVIDIA are said to working on designing the processors, so do not be surprised if we get multiple tablets this time around — maybe one with a Tegra 4 chip and another with the Snapdragon 800 powering things up.

In fact, a report citing a GFX benchmark test pretty much confirms that Microsoft may decide to equip the new model with a Tegra 4 processor, which should provide nicely enhanced performance. And along with the performance bump, it should also bring a few new technologies and features

Additionally, for what it’s worth, it appears that the new Surface could come with a resolution of 1371 by 771 — compared to the 1366 by 768 on the current model.

Microsoft is, obviously, is yet to issue a statement on this, meaning take this as a rumor for now. But some of this has been reported at least once before, so expect more details on this in the coming weeks.

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