It is no secret that Microsoft wants to see a notable increase in touchscreen capable devices that can be powered by its Windows 8 platform. But the technology titan may have to settle for tablets, as things are moving at a rather slow pace on the notebook front.

One would expect pretty much all notebooks to have touchscreen displays in the near future. And one would be right — even the most inexpensive of tablets offer this functionality.

But it seems expecting this is akin to expecting miracles, at least for the time being.

According to a new report, touchscreen makes will have to contend with a low utilization of their notebook products in the second half of the year.

The reason for this is that notebook vendors are not all too keen on the idea of touch enabled laptops. Whether this is because of increased costs, or low consumer acceptance is still up in the air.

As things stand touchscreen notebooks are set to account for a mere 10 percent of the overall notebook market in 2013. Earlier estimates had project at least double this amount, if not more.

This means that suppliers will most probably only utilized half of their production capacity, at best.

Touch enabled notebooks do, as a matter of pure fact, come with an increase price tag. And it appears customers who are in the market for a new laptop are deciding to go with regular displays for the time being, even with Windows 8 installed.

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