Secret innovative network security feature coming to Windows 8

According to a recent Microsoft job listing, it seems that they are looking for people to join a development team.

This team would be responsible for building a secret new “innovative network security feature”.

Here are the details of the job ad:

The Network Access Protection (NAP) is building an innovative network security feature for Windows 8.

Software Development Engineer – Anywhere Access Group

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development
Location: Israel, Haifa
Job ID: 731522 25043

Division: Server & Tools Business We are looking for high potential individual with strong technical skills, drive for result, ability to quickly pick up on new technologies, customer focus who is a team player.

The team, called NAP, is currently developing an innovative network security feature for Windows 8. You will be part of a small and highly competent team developing a technologically challenging and innovative system that will part of Windows 8 both on the client side and on the server side.


BSC or MSC in Software Eng. or Computer Eng.

High potential to grow and evolve

Great people skills, team player, confident and enthusiastic

Interesting eh?


  • xinu

    Location: Israel, Haifa – Must be top secret XD.

  • security systems miami

    Windows 8 I have heard it will be out around late 2011 Beta not Official
    release well not that i know of. I dunno do you think they would do a
    discount or free upgrade as i brought Windows 7 Ultimate last week and I
    am not going to be happy 🙂 if there is not a discount or free upgrade.
    What do you think free,discount or pay full price?