Secret Windows 8 Tablet Interface?

Leaker website has some interesting observations and new screenshots from the Windows 8 m3 beta (or whatever it is).

They are claiming the existence of a secret interface built into the OS that would be designed for tablets..

They believe that the registry system clearly indicates the existence of tiles – tiles Metro UI. They are all connected to the library with the speaker name twinui.dll .

At this point, they dont have the expertise to reverse engineer or unlock these files..

Look below and judge for your self..


  • xinu

    As we all expected, its good to know that microsoft if finally taking tablets seriously. What I don’t understand is why microsoft didn’t do this before they could have easily dominated the tablet market.

  • marc3l

    I’m curious what Microsoft will do with their tablet software. I hope that they can implement the WP7-style OS in a smart way. Maybe their can make a widget-like-square-icon, so the icons can hold information like RSS feeds, weather, shortcuts and/or picture slideshows.

  • xinu

    Something curious I just noted and wanted to share:

    A few days after having published some leaked windows 8 images, declared its liqidation with the following statement (translation by google translate). officially declares its liquidation.

    Thank you all for your attention.
    Did you like us? Read and , these resources I read myself and they are much more useful.
    Maybe I’ll continue to write for oszone, if I still will.

    It’s time to stop doing garbage, takes me 100% of the time. This is silly .