Android might have to contend with heaps and heaps of mobile malware, but the Windows operating system still remains the most targeted one around. On the desktop side of things, that is.

And if your reason has got something to do with the very large user base, then you can pat yourself on the back. Because this is exactly what Ghareeb Saad, a senior security researcher with the Global Research & Analysis Team, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Kaspersky Lab is getting at.

Windows is the target of so many attacks, because it has so many users. Billions of them.

The security expert says that while Windows is a reasonably secure platform, there is no such thing as a completely secure operating system. And this is because cybercriminals are finding exploits that take advantage of every single flaw in computer software:

“There’s no absolutely safe operating system at the moment. The more popular the software is, the more it is targeted by cybercriminals.”

He also goes on to bust he myth that Mac OS X and Linux are operating systems that are impossible to break into, as a number of exploits have been developed to hack into these platforms.

These have, essentially, put hundreds of millions of users at risk.

Microsoft, obviously, has significantly improved security in newer versions of Windows. In fact, the company claims that Windows 8 is now six times less likely to get hacked as Windows 7. Which is no small feat, all things considered.

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  1. The more people spread the lies that Linux and MacOS are completely secure, the more it puts people in danger. A lot of these sites that were brought down or hacked over the past decade where not running Windows servers

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