At Microsoft’s annual stockholder meeting yesterday, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer went on stage to talk about Windows 8. He revealed that many Windows Store apps are not only doing very well, they have managed to reach a million downloads.

There is a very real and active amount of users in the Windows Store right now. Not only are there people using the store, but overall growth of Windows 8 is also increasing at a rapid rate.

Of course downloading apps doesn’t necessarily mean huge profits for the storefront yet, as most of the apps are in fact free.

Still, even free apps make money through advertisements and other kinds of promotions. The big takeaway here is that while some of these users are likely tablet owners, many of the Windows 8 Store customers are coming from laptops and desktops.

This makes it clear that developers have a very real opportunity to reach even more Windows users directly through the Store front, and that the store isn’t just for Surface RT and Windows 8 tablet owners.

The more developers that Microsoft can win over, the better. Right now, Microsoft’s store has about 21,000 apps. This isn’t a bad number but it is a far cry from the massive 700,000+ app stores found in Android and iOS (of course many of those apps aren’t meant for tablets).

When comparing the Windows 8’s app store to its other desktop OS rival, Mac OS X, how do things stack up? Actually, Windows 8 has managed to jump ahead of the two-year old Mac App Store.

Windows 8 now has more apps than OS X

In its two years, Apple has managed to bring OS X’s app store up to 13,000 apps. This means that Windows 8 has almost double the apps of its main desktop rival.

Besides the actual number of apps, Windows 8 also has more Store users actively downloading apps right now. The top 300 apps on Windows Store have three times more daily downloads when compared to the top 300 on OS X.

Before we get too caught up in all this, it is worth noting that these two stores have some really big differences. The biggest difference is that OS X users have a selection of mainly paid apps, with 84% of the Mac App Store requiring some kind of fee.

This means that most OS X users probably only grab a few key paid apps and then never touch the store again.

In contrast, Windows 8 is constantly adding new apps and only 14% of them cost anything. As far as pricing is compared? The few Windows 8 apps that do cost seem to be pretty close to the same kind of pricing averages that are seen with OS X.

Do you own a Mac and a Windows 8 device? What do you think of the Mac App Store compared to the Windows Store?

Which store-front has the best selection of apps right now?

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    Prices from Win 8 store are comparably lower than others. If you check the store, even more are just free to download.