When Windows Phone 8 was first announced, we knew that some major shifts were happening. Windows mobile was ditching the CE in core in favor of NT, for one thing. We also learned the OS demanded at least a dual-core processor, leaving current Windows Phone 7 users out in the dark.

One thing we were told when it came to apps was that things were compatible for Windows Phone 8 users. This meant that these new mobile OS users would still be able to use all the existing Windows Phone 7 apps. Turns out this isn’t true in all cases.

Most Windows Phone 7 apps seem to work just fine, but it seems than many of the Windows Phone 7 Xbox arcade games do not. As of now there are twenty apps that have disappeared from the Windows Phone 8 store due to problems with compatibility.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft has done all of this quietly and many developers say they weren’t even aware that there was a problem with their apps to begin with.

So what’s the story hear? Hard to say for sure, since Microsoft is being pretty quiet about all of this. Is Microsoft working in the background to optimize and tweak these apps for Windows Phone 8 or do they figure that they can just pull them and no one will notice?

This might seem a little frustrating, but at the same time I’m glad Microsoft is cleaning house and insuring apps with compatibility problems aren’t laying around the store. Odds are, the apps will return in time to Windows Phone 8.

It would have just been nice to receive a little more guidance from Microsoft about what is going on here.  Keep in mind all of the 20 reported apps seem to be working just fine with Windows Phone 7, so no issues for those with older devices.

What apps were removed? The full list can be found at WPCentral, but a few of the apps include Big Buck Hunter, Fable Coin Golf, The Harvest, Sid Meir’s Priates and the Oregon Trail.

Again, the source also has more information about what might be causing the incompatible and how developers are reacting to the issue.

Are you a Windows Phone 8 user? Does the removal of these select Xbox titles bother you or not?

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