Senior Nokia PureView Expert Bypasses Microsoft To Join Apple

Senior Nokia PureView Expert Bypasses Microsoft To Join Apple

Microsoft, when they took over Nokia’s devices services unit, also acquired some 25,000 or so workforce of the Finnish telecom company. But it now appears that not all of the former Nokia personnel were locked to long term contracts.

Not all of the key Nokia personnel, I mean.

Apple, for instance, have gained the services of the Lumia photography leader Ari Partinen, who has just announced that he will start working at the Cupertino technology company in June.

This is what he said in tweet early this morning:

“Today will be my last day working for the amazing #Lumia family. In June I will start a new chapter in Cupertino, California. Much love!”

He later confirmed in a subsequent tweet that he is indeed joining Apple.

Nokia, or whatever is left of the company, is undoubtedly out of the smartphone game for the next few years, maybe forever, and it is understandable many of its key engineers would have considered their options after the final transaction.

This is a bit of a blow to Microsoft, as Ari was the resident camera expert at Nokia. He perfected the PureView camera technology that was employed on Nokia phones, including the outstanding Windows Phone powered Lumia 1020.

But one can imagine that Ari laid out most of the groundwork from which Microsoft (or Microsoft Mobile now) can build upon.

Apple certainly seems interested in bringing some of that dynamism to the cameras on its own smartphone line, and we may yet be in for some surprises when it comes to imaging on the iPhone, which really has been on a bit of a standstill these past couple of years.

  • Claire R

    Big blow. At least PR wise. Makes it seem as though the top guys would rather work at apple than microsoft. I hope they can change that perception!

    • Yorker

      I agree, Claire. Even if it’s not the case, this guy gave the impression that he believes Apple>Microsoft. Maybe he just got a better offer or a promotion, but it does seem like he bailed on Microsoft ASAP. Bad PR indeed.