It’s that time of the month again! Patch Tuesday for September is here, but this time it comes with 13 security updates, instead of the 14 that Microsoft recently promised.

The security bulletins that were released late last week mentioned a record 14 patches.

But the technology titan retracted one of the patches before release. This particular update was supposed to fix an exploit that was unearthed in Microsoft .NET framework, and was previously labeled as Important.

ZDNet received a reply from the company on the missing patch:

“During some additional testing after advance notification, we determined one of the updates was not quite ready. We have not detected any attacks against this issue, or any of the others addressed today, and we’ll continue to work on the bulletin and release it once it is ready, through our regular bulletin release process.”

Anyway, the reaming 13 bulletins were released on schedule and fix a total of no less than 47 issues in a range of software solutions from Microsoft — from Outlook and Office to Internet Explorer and Windows.

Four of these updates come with the Critical rating, and are aimed at Outlook, Internet Explorer, SharePoint Server and OLE. Microsoft recommends users and system administrators to prioritize the development of the first three in order to prevent their data from being exposed.

Additionally, Redmond also released 9 Important updates with the intention of fixing flaws found in a wide range of products like — wait for it — Office, Excel, Access, FrontPage, Kernel-Mode Driver, Active Directory, Windows Theme File, Windows SCM and Office IME (Chinese).

I told you this is a record setting Patch Tuesday, at least for 2013. The list of software that is getting patch up this month is huge, and undoubtedly the biggest one for the year.

So connect to the Internet, crank up the Windows Update tool and download these released fixes.

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