Seriously, what is RIM’s future?

With all the attention being paid to Microsoft and what they will be doing with Windows Phone 8, the question always comes up:

What’s going to happen to RIM?

There’s a new article on ZDNet that you have to check out that does a deep dive on some of the options that the company may face.

I agree with a lot of the conclusions presented here especially the one that states that RIM is a dead company walking. They just don’t know it yet (but they must have a suspicion at this point).

I have already laid out why I think that RIM would be a bad fit for a Microsoft acquisition but at this point an acquisition would be a positive outcome for the company.

The company has inexplicably been unable to show any type of CREDIBLE contemporary thinking regarding the updates and branding of their designs.

Here’s a link to the ZDNet article.

It’s written by Jason Perlow.