Setting Up a Facebook Account in Windows 8

Setting Up a Facebook Account in Windows 8

Microsoft has taken a huge step in social world with Windows 8. It has brought (almost) all of your social networks to your desktop.

It just doesn’t stop at bringing your social contacts to desktop. All the data of a contact – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MSN, Google, etc. – are collected together so that you can see the contact as a whole entity.

Facebook is the prime candidate when it comes to online social connections. Windows 8 provides full Facebook integration through its People, Messaging and Photos app.

Once you configure your Facebook account in Windows 8, all these Metro apps can use it to provide you services.

Connection Process

The best way to set up a Facebook account is to connect the People app to it. People app acts a social hub in Windows 8, providing the latest updates of your contacts.

Messaging app uses contacts from People app in order to initiate a conversation. So, it will automatically gain access to the Facebook account.

Photos app can show the photos of your Facebook account, thus giving you access to Facebook albums from the desktop itself.

Select Facebook Service in People App

Launch the People app from the Start Screen. The welcome screen of the app prompts you to connect to various online services. Select Facebook from the list of services.

Connection Initiation

An inline webpage frame launches, which initiates the connection to Facebook.

The so loaded page informs you what you can do and what data you share after you connect your Facebook account to Windows 8. Click on “Connect” button to move on.

Facebook Authentication

The resulting page asks for Facebook credentials.

Enter the credentials and click “Log In”. Facebook will authenticate the credentials.

Final Confirmation

Facebook asks for the final confirmation to give permission to Windows 8 to access your account data.

Facebook lists what data Windows will be able to access if you give permission. Click on “Allow” if you are happy with giving access to Microsoft. This will connect the Facebook account to your Windows 8 account.

Connection Process Complete

The final page of the setup informs you that the connection is successful. Behind the scenes, the People app would already have begun to fetch your Facebook contacts and their details.

Facebook Data Used by People App

People app has following 3 sections that show different data from your Facebook account.

  • People Section lists all the contacts from your Facebook account. Selecting a contact from the list will show their profile information.

  • What’s New Section shows the news feed of your Facebook account; updates of your contacts, pages, activities, etc.

  • Me Section lists the details of your Facebook profile and your latest updates of Facebook.

Facebook Data Used by Messaging App

The Messaging app is use to chat with contacts listed in your People app. When you start a new conversation thread in Messaging, it shows you Facebook contacts that are online.

You can select any one of them and start the conversation.

Facebook Data Used by Photos App

The Photos app lists your Facebook albums. You can see the photos of your Facebook account from desktop itself, using Photos.

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