Setting up a New User Profile in Windows 8

Setting up a New User Profile in Windows 8

Windows 8 is packed with a lot of new, useful features. One of them is the type of user account. Windows 8 provides your two types of user accounts:

  • Local Account: It is basically a normal user account comprising of username and password. It has the same functionalities as seen in existing Windows systems. The limitation of a local account is that it remains constrained to the specific system. The settings and data of the local account can’t be synced and shared across several machines.
  • Microsoft Account: It is essentially an email id, accompanied with a password. The email id doesn’t have to be a Microsoft Live Id. It can be an email id from any mail service. The main advantage of using Microsoft Account as a user account is the ability to share your data and settings across several devices running Windows 8 – be it a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Besides that, Windows 8 changes the way in which you create a user account – through the Modern UI Control Panel – PC Settings.

Launch PC Settings Users Add a User

This launches a wizard, completing which you will end up with a new user account of your desired type.

Step 1

The wizard by default wishes that you create a Microsoft Account. The first screen of the wizard shows that desire.

You are prompted to enter an email id that can be used as the Microsoft Account. However, you can choose to create a local account, by clicking on “Sign in without a Microsoft account” link located at the bottom of the wizard screen.

If you opt for local account, then continue with the next step, else skip to step 5.

Step 2

The next screen shows what services (or advantages) each account type offers you.

After going through the description, choose the account of your preference. If you select local account, then continue with the next step, else skip to step 5.

Local Account

Step 3

The next wizard screen asks for the credential details of the new local account.

The details include

  •   User name
  •   Password and its confirmation
  •   Password hint – It can’t contain the password itself.

This is all that you would need for a local account. Hit “Next”.

Step 4

The next screen confirms the creation of the local account.

Here, you can apply Family Safety filter if the new account is intended to be for a kid. With this, you have created a new local account. You don’t need to follow the article anymore.

Microsoft Account

Step 5

Windows checks the email id that you entered in step 1, in order to see if you already have a Microsoft Account with this id.

If the id has a Microsoft Account associated with it, then this is all that the wizard requires; you have successfully created a user account through Microsoft Account.

The only requirement is that the user of that account would require an internet connection when he logs in the first time, so that Windows can verify and make the Microsoft Account ready for use.

However, if the email id entered doesn’t have an associated Microsoft Account, then follow the next steps.

Step 6

In case the email address doesn’t have a Microsoft Account, the wizard leads you to create on with that mail id.

The first screen asks for the following details.

  • Email address – It will simply copy the id that you had entered earlier.
  • Password and its confirmation – This password is for the new Microsoft Account, and not the password of your email id. You would want to keep them different for security.
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country
  • Zip code

Step 7

Next, the wizard asks you to enter some information for security purposes. In case you lose your password, then these security details help you in recovering your account.

You are required to enter at least any two of the following details.

  •   Phone number
  •   Alternate email id
  •   A security question and its answer

Step 8

The next screen asks some personal details like gender and birth date.

Note that these details are compulsory. This completes the data collection required to create your new Microsoft Account.

Step 9

The final screen of the wizard confirms the creation of the new Microsoft Account.


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