Windows 8 has integrated the Wi-Fi setup in the metro pane that appears on the right edge of the screen. The whole connection completes in the pane itself.

How to Invoke the Wi-Fi Setup

First of all, make sure that you have wireless enabled on your system. Then, invoke the Wi-Fi pane in one of the following ways.

  • Click the Wi-Fi icon located in the system tray on taskbar. This opens the pane.


  • Invoke the Settings Charm either through the Charms Bar or by hitting the key combo “Win+I”. Select Wi-Fi icon from the Settings Charm.

The Wi-Fi pane slide out from the right edge of the screen.

List of Wi-Fi Networks

The pane detects and lists all the Wi-Fi networks available around your system.

Selecting any one of the networks gives you the option to connect to the network. Click “Connect” for the desired network.

Checking Network Requirements

The wizard checks for the selected network’s requirements, like what type of password it requires, WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc., so that it can prompt you to enter the required things accordingly.

Enter Password

After assessing the network requirements, which is a password in most cases, the wizard provides you an appropriate form to fill in.

Enter the password or the security key for the network. You should have that information with you. Hit “Next”.

Connection Complete

The wizard then submits the entered key to the network, which gives access to itself if the authentication is successful. You are now connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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