Several New Codenames Of Upcoming Nokia Devices Leak Out

Several New Codenames Of Upcoming Nokia Devices Leak Out

Time for another regular dose of leaked Nokia codenames. One thing guaranteed with the Finnish telecom company is that it is almost always working on exciting new devices.

The same can be said of perennial leaker, evleaks, who is almost always tweeting details, images and press renders of these upcoming devices. The latest batch includes codename of a whole bunch of upcoming Nokia devices — and there are some truly exotic names in here.

Nokia recently wrapped up its Nokia World 2013 event late last month, and now the company seems to be preparing a slew of new devices that in all probability will be announced early next year.

According to this leak, codenames of five Nokia devices that are yet to be introduced are Goldfinger, Moneypenny, Normandy, Phantom and Spinel. Same 007 James Bond love there, I see!

This is not the first time the company has used pop cultural icons as codenames for its products. The recently unveiled Lumia 1320 handset was internally codenamed Batman before it was announced at the Nokia World event this year.

Anyway, these five names have not been heard before. And while we do not know how the codenames relate to smartphones and tablets (or any other form factor device the company is preparing), chances are that the first two, the ones with the James Bond connection, point to a single family of devices.

Keep an eye out for additional details on the matter in the coming weeks and months.

  • Ray C

    I do think Nokia is going to have to come up with a name other than Lumia soon. You can only have so many products out under the same general name.