Are you a proud Surface owner? Want to let people know how you are using your shiny new tablet? Then Microsoft’s fresh new monthly series may just be the thing for you.

The technology titan will publish a new customer story every month on its website.

While no prizes are involved this time around, it still is a good way for fans of the Surface tablets to get some time in the spotlight and let others know how they interact with their tablets.

As Microsoft explained on the official Surface blog:

“‘My Surface Story’ is a new monthly series we’re kicking off on the Surface Blog. It will feature the stories of real people using Surface as they work, play, and travel. The posts will be written by Surface users, and we’re excited to see the many ways that Surface lets people ‘click in and do more.”

Since this new series is all about the Surface tablets — expect some belting of competing platforms like the Apple iPad and the numerous Android tablets. The goal behind this new program is not just customer interaction, but also a little advertisement of the company’s Surface devices.

It is obviously, a chance to show everyone just how good the tablets are.

Redmond is keen to bring these devices to new markets very soon (including major European markets), and this provides the company with a perfect opportunity to show prospective customers how users are interacting with their Windows-powered tablets.

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  1. Excellent idea! This gives people a chance to relay a positive story about Surface. We’ve heard enough negative things……..

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