Whether we are talking about video game systems, computer platforms, televisions, or really any electronic device at all, one thing remains: brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty is also harshly known by many around the Internet as fanboyism. My big question for the day is why.

Despite accusations I’ve received for various articles across the net for being a “fanboy” of companies like Nintendo, Apple, Microsoft, or whomever, I really couldn’t care a less about what brand I’m using.

To me the most important thing is that I can do what I want with the platform, with minimal headaches. That’s really all we can ask for.

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time with Ubuntu 12.04 and I quite enjoy it. I have very basic needs as a PC user, since I pretty much am just an online writer, and have found that Ubuntu Linux easily meets what I need in an OS- the ability to run Microsoft Word, Photoshop, a decent web browser, and a few games.

While Ubuntu might not specifically offer this ability, I’ve found that the program WINE allows me to run all these things as if they were 100%-Linux native programs and I can’t really tell the difference.

That being said, am I an Ubuntu fanboy? Actually, no. I don’t think it’s better than Windows or OSX, it’s just simply adequate. OSX and Windows can also run these programs, and I find myself easily able to switch back to either of these. So why did I put Ubuntu on my machine in the first place? To try it out and because I’m disorganized and couldn’t find my Windows 8 flash drive when reinstalling on a laptop of mine.

I’m not going to say that being “brand loyal” isn’t a good idea. I used to be a huge Nintendo fan, in the console world, but have drifted away from that. I also used to love Windows, but then during the late-XP/early-Vista era switched to Mac, and then back to PC when Windows 7 arrived. Instead I want thoughtful for reasons for WHY you are loyal to your brand listed below.

Maybe your PC (or gaming, or TV, or whatever) needs are much more complex than mine and only Platform X will work with your sensitive applications? If that’s so, I can certainly respect it. To me though, even with tablets, I see no reason to care that much about brand– as long as the basic apps you want are there.

Maybe I’m just too easily appeased?

Share your thoughts below.

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  • NazmusLabs

    It’s only human nature to support something or a side; hence, we have our favorite sporting teams. We cheer our favorite player(s) in the Olympics. I love Microsfot and am a fan of the company. Of course, I wouldn’t use crappy products MS (or anyone else) made; vista/winME for e.g., but if two products are the same, I would pick the MS products. Recently, I chosed Skydrive over Google Drive and Dropbox. They all worked alike, and I chose Skydrive because of the 25 GB free space and also because it was made by Microsoft.I also hated IE and switched to chrome. But with IE10, with its speed, sync, and spell check, I am using IE more and more simply because it is made by Microsoft.We all love to root for something or someone; I know you do too, whoever maybe reading this. Don’t deny it. 😉

    There’s no reason as to why we are fan of something other than it is part of our nature to be so.