Microsoft has been seriously trying to Metrofy the Windows 8 experience.

There have been  all along developmental changes in Windows 8 except a few places where there is either no changes or the changes are very minor.

One such part is the look and feel of the Windows 8 setup.

The setup of any software or operating system is the very first thing a user looks at.

It gives a user the first feeling of what the operating system will look like. The same is the case with Windows 8. But after removing the aero from the setup, Microsoft have made the setup look a lot uglier than ever before. As you can see in the above screenshot, there is no metro-ish look in the setup.

It just looks like the setup of Windows 7 with Aero removed. If Microsoft are trying to unify the experience with metro UI, they must provide a metro style look for the setup too.

I think the setup experience should be metrofied with tile interdace. Also I feel that the blue colored image should be replaced with something like the background of Windows 7.

I love the background image of this setup which was leaked during the early phase of Windows 8 development, even before Windows 8 Developer preview.

What do you think?

Should Microsoft metrofy the Windows 8 setup experience?

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