Windows 8.1 has cloud at its very heart. The latest version of Windows makes use of cloud powered technologies, and these are present at pretty much all nook and corners of the operating system.

The SkyDrive integration is particularly deep in Windows 8.1, and not only comes with a new Modern client to manage files store in the cloud, but also offers dedicated folders that can be used to easily transfer data between a PC and the cloud storage service.

And this, Microsoft says, is a gaming changing feature of the new OS. In a new blog post on the official Windows Experience Blog, the company references the SkyDrive description published on that says:

“Save documents, photos, and other files to SkyDrive automatically so you’ll have them anywhere—even on another device. And they’ll be safe if something happens to your PC.”

A company employee then goes on and talks about this integration, while providing more details on how SkyDrive actually works on Windows 8.1:

“That’s not hard to understand, right? Those words are all in English. There are subjects and verbs, and everything is spelled correctly. And the concept isn’t complicated. But unless you actually use this feature, you might not get exactly how much of a game changer it is.

The boundary between my online storage and any single one of my devices has effectively melted away. It’s just one seamless collection of my stuff that I can get to anywhere. It’s an innovation that’s almost too simple to understand.”

It is safe to say that SkyDrive has now, for all intents and purposes, become a pillar of the Windows platform, not just on the desktop, but tablets and smartphones too. Windows 8.1 takes it one step beyond by allowing fans of the Modern UI a seamless way to manage their files store in the cloud.

This, along with the Bing Smart Search options that allows for the ability to search for SkyDrive files straight from the Start Screen opens up now horizons of ease of use and accessibility.

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  1. Cool – maybe. SkyDrive on Windows 8.0 was RELIABLE. Since upgrading to Windows 8.1, nothing but trouble. Files won’t sync, don’t sync for DAYS at a time, no way of knowing what will / wont sync. In short, EXTREMELY buggy.
    Give me back the SkyDrive Desktop client we had in Windows 8.0!!!
    Microsoft has been completely silent and unresponsive on this issue.

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