Back in December it was reported that Microsoft would be adding a music player to its SkyDrive service. Needless to say, the rumored possibilities of cloud streaming audio got several users excited.

Now it appears that this feature is not coming to the cloud storage service — at least not yet.

The SkyDrive team was invited to an AMA on Reddit, and one of the questions asked was about the music player for SkyDrive. Omar Shahine shed some more light on this rumor and for better or for worse there are currently no plans to implement this feature.

It was actually a project built by the interns at Redmond:

Q: A few months ago there was a rumour that you were looking at a music player. Cloud storage for Xbox Music would be awesome. Any plans to add something like this? for music we own?

A: That is correct. About 2 years ago we had a bunch of interns here and one of the projects they came up with was building an HTML5 music player in SkyDrive. We never actually released this and have no plans to do so at this time, but that’s why you saw the rumor about us doing a music player. Like many groups at Microsoft, we have ongoing conversations with the Xbox music team about their experiences, and as you probably know they just launched a new web Xbox music web experience which we think is pretty awesome (

There you have it, SkyDrive fans. It is still possible that Microsoft could have a change of heart and still introduce this feature sometime in the future. But for now, it is best not to keep hopes up.

Fact is that such a thing may bring music labels into play, and would likely require new contracts that may be different from the ones for Xbox Music. And this is a tangle that the SkyDrive team may not want to get into right now.

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  • Rodney Longoria

    Am I missing something? Why would I need a music player via SkyDrive with the availability of Xbox Music at hand?