A new version of the Skype app is now available for owners of the Windows Phone 8 handsets. The latest flavor comes with the version number and packs a couple of appealing enhancements and improvements to the VoIP software.

The Skype blog has the details in a new blog post:

“In this release we’ve focused on quality and performance improvements as we continue to build a great app that puts conversations first. Alongside this, we’ve incorporated user feedback and made improvements to the way contacts are managed, and the Skype home screen layout.”

As noted above, the main focus of this new version of the app was improving performance, and this new build comes with a number of changes from user feedback.

The first of the two noticeable improvements in the new version is the People List filter. This enables users to easily find contacts that they are searching for using specific filters — they can either see all contacts, or just Skype contacts, or only the available ones.

Secondly, the Skype home screen now sports an updated interface, one that allows users to move between functions of the app easier than before.

The Favorite Contact tiles, for instance, are now smaller so that users can contact the people they want to get in touch with much faster than they could previously.

Microsoft’s Skype team a month or so back outlined an overall plan, and shared a roadmap to improve all of its mobile apps in the near future when it comes to reliability and performance, as well as making sure they have as less an effect as possible on the battery life of a device.

Now only if they bring video message to Skype’s native mobile platform!

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  • Ray C

    NIce update for a company who doesn’t listen to user feedback. The difference between Skype and other products is that most people took and honest look at Skype, saw where it could be effective, and gave constructive feedback. If people would so the same with Windows 8 and stop giving bring back start as the only feedback, we could have one great OS

    • Fahad Ali

      For my money Skype messaging still has a bit of a distant to travel to rival Windows Live Messenger (particularly after its retirement), but other than that its the real deal.