With all the focus on Metro and Modern UI apps on Windows 8, it is easy to overlook the traditional desktop clients. This holds particularly true for Microsoft products, as the software titan regularly updates its modern apps.

But the company has also provided the desktop version of Skype with several handy new changes. Skype version 6.10 was released only a few hours, and the company has also rolled out the official release notes for this new flavor.

The most obvious of changes is the new welcome screen — it adopts a modern style design, and provides easy access to sign in options.

Additionally, as Microsoft notes, the video call library has also been improved in order to provide an enhanced calling experience to users:

“To benefit from this upgrade, make sure that both you and the person you’re video calling are using the latest version of Skype.”

The new build also comes with several performance improvements and fixes large and small that streamline usage, and the Skype desktop client new runs smoother, no matter the version of Windows it is running on.

Microsoft, it seems, has clearly improved the user experience in this latest version, and even though Skype 6.10 may not be all too high on new features, it makes the experience a whole lot enjoyable with these handy little changes.

You can download this latest version straight off the official Skype website.

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