Well, that didn’t take long. At all. As expected, Microsoft officially announced the release of Skype for Web, opening up the possibility of chatting with your contacts right from browser.

This was always on the cards, as reported here.

And with this, the Skype client is now available to all users, no matter what platform they are using. The service completely works in the browser offering the familiar Skype interface without the need of installing anything.

You simply log in with your Microsoft account of Skype credentials, and off you go — no matter whether on a PC or a tablet, Windows, Linux or Mac.

Microsoft announced this on the official Skype blog:

“Skype for Web makes it quicker and easier than ever before to connect with friends, family and colleagues around the world, for free – directly from Skype.com. It’s perfect if you prefer using the web rather than an app: perhaps you’re sitting at a computer that doesn’t already have Skype downloaded.

Or maybe you’re on the go and using an internet café or hotel computer whilst on vacation where you can’t download Skype at all. Using Skype for Web makes it more convenient to get to your conversations.”

The service is in beta right now (obviously), and only available to a limited number of users, but Redmond plans to release it to more people in the coming weeks.

Skype for Web currently supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and the latest versions of these browsers work without any issue. A number of bugs are present, however, and these will be ironed out as soon as possible.

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