Remember Skype for Web? Microsoft’s bid to allow users to talk with their friends without installing Skype on their computers? Well, the solution is now available.

Essentially, this is a way of bringing the service right into a web browser.

The VoIP service is practically available on all devices and platforms, from desktops to mobile, but that still does not mean everyone has access to it wherever they go. This is all set to change with Skype for Web, which will mean the service will everywhere.

Microsoft kicked off a private beta program for Skype for Web, which although only available for invited users, means that people can take it for a spin and give the new service a try.

So any difference between the regular Skype clients and Skype for Web?

Well, not many.

Both versions offer similar features and users will not feel any major difference using either. But the browser based flavor misses out on some advanced functionality like group video calls.

At least for now.

It does allow users to chat via text messages and send or receive voice and video calls. But since this is still a very early version of Skype, we can expect refinements later down the road. For now, Microsoft will be collecting feedback using this private beta.

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