And it’s ready for download. Can’t ask for better service!

The Windows 8 version of Skype landed a few weeks back, and it just received its first update. Along with the ability to search people and groups, as well as call Messenger contact, the update brings with it general bug fixes and improved video calling performance.

You can get the update from the integrated Windows store.

The app can obviously be installed on any Windows 8 device – desktop, laptop, tablets, x86, x64 and ARM.

Skype is already a hugely popular VoIP platform, and it looks like Microsoft is giving it the attention it deserves.

It is scheduled to get many such updates in the coming months, as the company plans to retire its ‘Windows Live Messenger’, and position Skype for messaging as well as calling option.

Microsoft acquired Skype for an astronomical amount of $8.5 billion for a reason last year, and then incorporated it as a separate division.

With around 700 million registered users, Skype can be a huge leverage factor for Microsoft as it prepares for battle against the likes of Google and Apple. Yes sir, it is a heavy weight.

For this reason alone, it is a joy seeing Microsoft give it the attention it deserves.

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