Users of Microsoft’s communication platform may already be aware that Redmond has planned some major updates for Skype — not only it is set to get video messaging, but the platform is getting ready to welcome Windows Live Messenger users as well in the coming months.

The video messaging feature was made available for iOS, Android and Mac platforms on February 15, while Windows users were said to get it at a later time.

And soon enough the company followed up confirming to Neowin that Windows users will get this new update in around two months’ time:

“Video Messaging is in early release for testing in several markets for Android, iOS, and Mac with functionality to send and receive video messages. Users in these markets across all Windows desktop and mobile platforms can receive messages, too. We will have send capability in Windows by end of April. In the meantime, we continue to test this new feature in its early release.”

It goes without saying that this new video messaging feature will be implemented not only on the standard Windows Skype client, but also the Windows 8 and Windows RT versions of Skype.

Nevertheless, while the Windows users are waiting for the feature, the can however receive a link to an online clip every time they get a video message, which can be played back.

Oh well, like they say, good things come to those who wait.

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  1. As a Windows 8 user (and married with) it would be really interesting to know when the “metro” app Skype gets that, if…very good software, looking forward to have even better

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