It definitely is the season of giving.

Skype has just announced its very own giveaway by launching its new campaign that offers users 1 month of free calls. The Premium Skype service allows users to call landline numbers in any of the 40 listed counties, as well as mobile phone numbers in seven countries.

The company announced the good news on its website:

“We want to give you the very best of Skype free for a month. It’s an offer you can only get through this free trial and includes an unprecedented amount of features that’ll make it easier to catch up with those you love.

So don’t worry about how long you talk, running out of minutes or what it’ll cost — it’s our gift to you, and it’s only available for a limited time.”

While the offer is relatively catch free — you don’t pay a dime, you however have to provide credit card details. Skype says the card will not be charged for the first 27 days, but after that users who want to continue with the service can do so at a fee of $9.97 per month.

It has been a great year for Skype overall, with the company rolling out a host of new features, and taking premier position as a communication platform for Microsoft.

A video messaging option was recently announced for Skype, and the modern version of the software for Windows 8 has garnered rave reviews for its intuitiveness.

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