Skype Now Offers Deeper Integration With Microsoft Accounts

Skype Now Offers Deeper Integration With Microsoft Accounts

Of all Microsoft services, Skype has the distinction of being the one of the most prominent. The company regularly rolls out new enhancements and updates to the VoIP platform.

And one improvement that has been a long time coming was the integration of Microsoft accounts to allow Skype users to chat with friends. Well, the time has finally come, and Redmond has officially announced this just now.

Starting today, users can use their Microsoft account to register, meaning connecting with the service is now much more streamlined and easier than ever.

Pierre-Eric Jacoupy of Skype confirmed this in a blog post today:

“As of today, new users signing up on can now register with a Microsoft account, which brings improved security and makes it easier for you to connect to your favorite Microsoft services.

As we shared earlier this year, if you are using other Microsoft devices or services like Xbox, OneDrive or, you already have a Microsoft account, which is the email and password you use to sign in.”

Microsoft account holders can also use their credential to sign into Skype on mobile devices.

This integration comes with a number of benefits, including increased security, two-step verifications and enhanced password recovery options to reset passwords via SMS or email. And obviously, fewer details to remember as these credentials can be used to log into all other Microsoft services.

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  • KeithE

    Skype suffers from a most appalling negative that I wonder if it will be addressed in this change. If you are an annual Office 365 subscriber, you get 60 free minutes a month for calling landlines. When those minutes expire, you get cut off mid-conversation, even if you also have, as I do, 50 dollars worth of purchased credit available. You get cut off and you have to reconnect in order to start using your purchased credits. I’ve complained to Skype and they told me there’s nothing they can do about it. They won’t even let me cancel my free minutes so I don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of seeming to hang up on a client. How about that for customer service?

    • Aaditya Menon

      same here , was fed up of Skype , so just started using Google Hangouts….