Wasting little time after expressing its desire to turn Skype into a cloud powered service, Microsoft has just announced that the VoIP platform is now hosted on Windows Azure.

Familiar old Scott Guthrie recently broke the news, and according to the corporate vice president every Office 365 customer now has a Windows Azure Active Directory login.

In an interview with The Register, Guthrie shared the details:

“All authentication, all security, all access control for Office 365 goes through Windows Azure. Xbox Live and Xbox One heavily use Windows Azure on the back end. Skype, a lot of which is built here in our London developer centre, is also now running on Azure.

SkyDrive, they are in the process of decommissioning their old servers and moving everything onto Azure. All new storage on SkyDrive now goes to Azure.”

Now if you are thinking that this move has just got something to do with increased reliability, think again. Redmond is one of the technology giants that are increasingly wary of the government snooping around, and this could well be another attempt to block such wiretappings.

In addition to this, however, the Skype team will also want to build on top of this cloud powered freedom, and bring along some new features to its leading communication platform.

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