Skype now supports Windows 8

Skype for Windows now supports the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

The change was made as part of a new product update – Skype

The text from the site is:

Today we have released an update to Skype 5.5 for Windows.

With this update we have introduced support for Microsoft Windows 8.

Upgrade Skype now.

We are always interested to hear your feedback on Skype, so please discuss your views on our Support Network and report issues on our public issue tracker, see the guide for issue reporting.

Full release notes for are:

New features:

Introduced Microsoft Windows 8 support

Skype Windows 8

Skype Windows 8


  • Alex

    Thanks,I know.
    Already use “Skype 5.5” !
    Works stablly and quickly , but sometimes does not boot.

  • Nikola

    I cant see video…I must disable driver for video card ATI RADEON 9600 and then I can see video…Its the latest version of Skype for Windows 8…What can I do…On other messenger its working…

  • dgood

    Skype works the first time I install and open it. Each Successive restart of windows it will not work. It opens then immediately says “stopped working” then closes.

    • Harry Kaes

      I have the same problem. It only worked the first time I installed. After that, it closes after logging in with the message “stopped working”.

  • Net Andy

    Not working:-/ (In Windows 8).
    It works after installation, but after I close Skype and open it again it stops working:-/

  • gopinndn

    my problem is same as Net andy plz help…..