Another month, another Skype update. These latest additions to the popular communication platform show just how active this unit is at Microsoft, adding in new enhancements and making changes after listening to user feedback.

For starters, Skype for Windows 8, now at version 3.1, comes with the ability to edit or delete messages that have been sent, along with notifications and improved accessibility for video messages.

Messages, of course, have only recently been added to the app, making these changes much welcome.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced that screen sharing is now available free of charge to users of Skype on Windows and Mac OS X. Previously, this was feature was exclusive to subscribers of Skype Premium, but users can share their screen, starting today, for free.

The company explained this here, saying:

“Maybe this has happened to you. You’ve got a hilarious picture you’d like to show with your whole gang that’s just sitting there on your desktop. Or maybe you’re on a Skype call with your colleagues trying to explain a concept or show a calendar, and you’ve thought to yourself, I’d love to be able just to show them what I mean. With Skype group screen sharing, you can.”

Anyway, this provides Skype users with new ways to use the service. Activities like technical support, studies and conferences should now be a lot easier.

Windows 8 users miss out on this new feature, as it is only available for desktop operating systems. Hopefully, it is implemented on the modern flavors of the platform soon.

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  • Mary

    Skype is in a league of its own when it comes to video chatting nowadays. Just an excellent service and Microsoft at the top of their game! Great news altogether! 🙂

    • Buzz

      Agreed. Outside of Office, you could argue this is Microsoft’s best overall offering right now. Everyone loves it. And for good reason. It’s brilliant.