Although some people do not put much stock in future predictions this far out, but a new report says that smartphone sales are set to triple by the time 2019 rolls around.

This despite the fact that smartphone sales have been on bit of a decline recently.

Apparently, most of the growth is happening at the low end of the market, with several affordable devices moving large numbers. So much so that Ericsson believes that the smartphone revolution has, in fact, just begun.

The Ericsson Mobility Report predicts (PDF file) that the smartphone and tablet market is on track to triple in the next five years. And most of this growth will come from the Asia/Pacific market.

In terms of numbers, that region accounts for some 988 million smartphones right now. But by the end of this decade, smartphone subscriptions in this part of the world will hit more than 3 billion. Developed markets will also contribute to this increase in smartphone sales, though.

Users in high end markets like the US and Western Europe will own more than one smartphone, or pair up their handsets with tablets, notebooks and hybrids.

And how does this impact global mobile traffic?

Amazingly, of course. The above report claims that with this sharp increase in smartphone sales, mobile traffic will likely see a tenfold increase. Technologies like 5G and LTE-A will really come into their own.

But for Microsoft, the most interesting part of this report is that the low end segment is the one that will drive the most sales. No wonder, then, that the company is betting highly on the affordable and budget side of the market.

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