With Windows 8.1 out in the open, and increasing its user base, Microsoft may have slowed down its efforts of highlighting the features of the new operating system.

But every now and then, the software titan brings some of the updated options into the spotlight.

This time the feature in question is the much improved Snap View mode in Windows 8.1. If you go back into the development process of the company’s latest operating system, you will recall that the enhanced Snap View support was one of the earliest features that was rumored.

In fact, users can now run three, even four apps side by side in Windows 8.1.

And with the Hulu Plus app recently getting a new update, Microsoft used the occasion to talk about the Snap View mode available in the new OS, explaining that apps like this make it easy to multitask and run multiple programs side by side in the Modern UI:

“With Snap View, you can watch Hulu Plus while you’re also browsing the Web, checking email or doing work. And because life can interrupt your show viewing at any time, you can pause and resume playback across devices, including on your Windows Phone.”

Obviously, some Metro apps on Windows 8.1 are only limited to quarter screen, while most others work best by splitting the screen in half, allowing the ability to run only two apps comfortably at once.

But with apps like Hulu Plus and others regularly optimizing usage in this feature, the improved Snap View mode is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the latest version of Windows.

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  • Ray C

    I think in future versions of Windows, they might want to look at stacked tiles or tabbed tiles as an interface option