Aristotle may have said that man by nature is a social animal, but Microsoft is here to prove it. The Windows Store is growing bigger by the hour, it seems, as more and more users flock to the platform.

A thousand new apps a week is now a common occurrence on Microsoft’s flagship apps repository. In fact, since the launch of Windows 8.1, there have been records of more than two thousand new Windows apps appearing on the Windows Store in a week — developer interest is higher than ever.

And now Microsoft has released some handy little statistics for users and developers.

According to the company, the Social apps category recorded the most downloads per app, almost 2 times more than the second most popular category:

“Photos, Productivity and Games are the next categories with the highest opportunity. If your goal is reaching the maximum number of downloads possible, these categories present the highest potential for downloads.”

Games, however, was the category that recorded the highest number of downloads. Numbers came in at pretty much 3 times higher than the next most popular category, Entertainment.

The company further explains that these statistics are very valuable for developers that aim to capitalize on the ever growing potential of Windows 8.1 apps — many have already begun porting their solutions to the platform, Microsoft says.

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