Social Media firm MashWork measure Windows 8 fever

Obviously, the world has been abuzz about Windows 8 over the past month or so.

Social media firm MashWork created an infographic based on what people were saying about Windows 8 after it was revealed earlier this year.

MashWork collated 65,968 messages shared on Twitter between June 15 and September 22 and around 42% of the messages were collected during Microsoft’s BUILD developers conference earlier this month.

A quote from MashWork founder Jared Feldman:

“The most interesting thing I found was that people were so receptive to Windows 8 on a tablet…A lot of times when you get very well-educated people, who know all the products on the market, they evaluate new things and immediately start hating and ripping it apart.”

You can see the infographic below

mashwork windows 8 infographic
mashwork windows 8 infographic

What do you think?

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