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  • Jrb195705

    Hi…because I love working with picture collages and can’t really afford any cool software

  • my_immortalize

    Count me in please…!/myimmortalize/status/185494836072296449

  • taz theum

    I have not done any picture saving especially collage picture. All the software that I came across does not interested me in doing so. I think most software developer have no common sense as to how important picture saving is. Picture collage very impressive with hundred of template. I’m fore it. Please reserved me one and thanks.

  • Jeffery_1978

    need a good picture collages for my grankid to make them a book

  • Walter B Hart

    I have never had a picture collages program and have thousands of photos I need to organize. 

  • Eric

    I need it because I’m a starving college student, and am always looking for ways to do my photos better.!/errhoss

  • Guest

    i will be thankful if you send me a licence.
    [email protected]

  • Cedejane

    just got a new camera can’t wait for summer with all the pictures i’m going to take, this just would be nice to group the pictures together in a nice way. thank you

  • PeterSeb

    me semble tres bien ce logiciel.. j’aime.

  • gordon foster

    ive been wanting to get this software

  • Trevor Hutchings

    6  Children and 18 Grandchildren, No matter how you do the math lottsa pictures

  • Richfed

    I don’t deserve a free license more than anyone else. Just thought I’d throw my hat in the ring. Software looks great.

  • Mikesue251

    I tried the free version and it works great. Would like the whole version as the Grand children love it.

  • Jrnaborhood

    I love taking pictures of family and friends and would love to be able to be able to make collages of them also!

  • norberto

    Me gustaria que me otorgen una licencia para probar con el nuevo windows 8 beta desde ya muchas gracias

  • Pegasusflyhi

    Same here for my children. I do not bring them any “Pro” software like photoshop. ^^

    By the way, can it be adapted on any tablet? ex. iPad or something else.

  • srikanth

    it works grate. would like to have it to surprize my mom on her birrthday

  • madden

    i have windows 8 on a 22″ touchscreen in the kitchen, have been a microsoft deployment software consultant since day1… I am trying hard to get comfortable with win8 by using it when ever I am in the kitchen… new updates…new apps… seeing how stable this build is.I have seen the move to portable devices and apple products the cloud both in the consumer market and in the the enterprise… I am staying posative and believe although marrying two platforms in one o/s it is possible that with changes come October (although a very late entrant) a new platform with unique offerings will emerge. I am also a photography buff and seeing an app that I admire in windows 8 will keep me posative…..

  • tomasrys

    I would like to try it out because with two kids at a young age, we do take a lot of pictures and I do not have any other software of this type. Aside of that, I do not thing I deserve it more than others. If anything, I am a loyal follower of this blog and read every single entry regarding Windows 8 since I am really trying the OS and using it as my main OS.
    Thank you 🙂

  • sarveshmotihari

    I love Picture College Maker. It is an awesome piece of software. Please count me in.

  • Tester

    I do a lot of photo taking, this new addition will enhance my photo projects for the family.

  • Francine

    I live in apartment house for seniors over 65.  Most of the residents are in their 70’s and 80’s, even a few in their 90’s.   This software would allow me to make collages for them, which would give them a great deal of happiness and joy. 

  • Hombre Latino

    As an educator and webdesigner of our school I am always looking for ways to improve our website so the school can provide more intriguing information to our community and also providing pictures to have a visual of what goes on in our school. This program will help us tremendously in providing better information…

  • Ken Miller

    I don’t deserve a copy….but would like to tell you who does.  My wife.  She works for a place as the activity director in a nursing home.  She’s, all the time, taking pictures of the residence there and making cute or funny designs on the pictures to make the people happy.  I’ve bought her different programs to help her to achieve better results but this program by far would do a great job to help here.  This is factual and can be proven by giving you her name and work place but that might be advertising so if you need anything else its by email.

  • Ime Prezime

     I know another way to get the full software, it is called warez… And if I find it useful, and price/quality/usability ratio is OK, I will buy the software for sure… Something like trial, just seeing if full version is offering additional stuff worth that kind of money.

  • zulbia_bamie

    I leave this comment here for the sake of leaving. LOL

  • Kambing Rofi

    greats software

  • Philip_adeleke

    Iwill appreciate you if am giving because it is going to add value to my easter [email protected]

  • harold lowther

    wow smething new and what i need would love to win a licence fingers and toes crossed now wheres my rabbits foot

  • Moon439

    It sounds too good to not have, I would like it for making Easter collages of my 6 grandghildren.  So downloaded free trial in hopes of winning full Version. Thanks.

  • Patto167

    Patto 167 What a great easter gift if I’m lucky being a senior what luck.I am 75 +

  • Saravanan_n

    I also need this software.Please mail me [email protected]

  • Carl Gagnon

    Thank you, give us the opportunity to get a photo collage program for Easter ”Free software giveaway on”.This will allow me to make photo montages of memories of our childhood that ourfather has let us when he died to share with my brothers and sisters wholive across Canada. I downloaded Picture Collage Maker Pro ofsoftware giveaway Pearlmountain technology in testing and it seems to me extremely interesting.So I hope to be one of the lucky ones of your readers to win this free software.Happy Easter.

  • Balakumar Karthick

    its looking cool and it is best for all phoyo collage works……………

  • Nick Mihaiu

    I need this software because I love photography and I take thousands of photos. I also have thousands and thousands of pictures on my computer which I took on my phone or my great camera. I really have nothing to do with those photos now (as I do not have any software such as this) and this software will give me an opportunity to use and display my pictures in a creative/fun way to both my friends and family.

    Please contact me at: [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Anthony King

    Hi. I think this software would be useful for me to have as I leaving my final year at secondary school soon. This software would aid me in creating a year book that would be appealing. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, so I need something like this to make the process quicker. 

  • Lilbrez79

    I think I would put this to good use, I don’t know if I Deserve it! I only have 2 sisters and 1 nephew left in this life as I have lost both my parents. I have always been the one to take pictures and videos in my family. I also make interesting photo collages for them. I am always looking for new ideas for photo presents, past and future to help us all never forget the good times growing up. This would definitely enhance my options! Thank-you for the chance to win this. Lori

  • Michael Larkins

    with so many grandchildren and great grandchildren it will be an asset for all the photos

  • Jacob McKinney

    I would really love to have a copy of the program just like everyone else. HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!!!
    I finally get to see my daughter after 2 years. Having this collage program would be great since i am trying to create as many memories as possible since i cant get back the ones i have missed in the past two years. Please I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to have a nifty way to make new memories with my daughter. Thank you!!!

  • Fcs

    People just go to the site and download. It has nothing to do with windows8update

  • Paradelade

    Would love to have this as I do genealogy and have some great pictures of my ancestors that I would like to put in an album (thanks to my grandmother – God rest her sole).  Other programs I’ve tried to use just don’t measure up to this one and I’m all for things that are easy to use.  

  • Gheun

    sounds like s great software package to have for my family to share our pics and interests with family we can’t see to often. Will download trail version hoping for a full license soon!!

  • Alan

    Arg…with my tile business suffering with this economy I must admit I would like the program to add a little something extra when I show my work. Using this program may just give me the edge I need to sell. Thanks for the opportunity…

  • Cdlai

    Does somebody really get a free s/w here? Are we cheated by Onuora? ~^^~