Why, oh why, would you want to degrade back to Windows 10? Yes, Windows 10 is not without its issues, but as an operating system it is a country mile ahead of previous versions.

Including Windows 7, which apparently still holds a certain allure for some PC gamers out there.

That’s because according to the latest numbers provided by the gaming platform Steam, Microsoft’s latest and greatest saw a slight decline in usage. In its stead, Windows 7 saw its number rise, rather substantially at that.

Valve’s hardware report for the month of July 2017 showed that Windows 10 had fallen to 50.49%, and more importantly, this decline is attributed to the 64-bit version of the operating system — which is what most gamers usually prefer, as far as OS version go.

It dipped by 0.74%

In the meantime, the 64-bit version of Windows 7 saw a notable increase of 0.86%, bringing its total to a still hefty 32.91%. Combine that with the 4.08% of the 32-bit variant, and the world’s most popular desktop operating system still has a third of the market cornered.

A few other versions of Windows 10 also lost users, which resulted in the platform ending up with a still commanding 96.12% install base, even with the 0.12% dip.

Linux meanwhile progressed to 0.74%, while macOS touched the highs of 3.11%.

What will be interesting to know is whether this trend reverses in August, and Windows 10 returns to its winning ways, or whether this decline actually represents a shift in usage for the PC gaming community.

What’s your pick?

Do you game on Windows 10, or is Windows 7 more than enough for your PC gaming needs?

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