Whenever a new product comes out, there is almost always production issues and other bugs to deal with. For Apple, there have often been complaints about things like heat issues (3rd gen iPad) or scratching and scuffing problems (iPhone 5).

What’s going wrong in the world of Microsoft? It seems that some users are reporting that they are experiencing audio issues with the Microsoft Surface RT.

Apparently the Surface RT doesn’t like some users music taste or something, since it is apparently muting itself. To get the sound back, you simply hit the volume rocker up again.

This isn’t a HUGE deal-breaker and is likely fixable– unlike potential heat and scratching issues found on competitor devices.

So what’s causing the problem? Apparently the Touch Cover might be the issue. Microsoft’s forum moderators are currently advising anyone who runs into this problem to contact Surface Technical Support to exchange the Touch or Type cover.

They don’t say why it is causing the problem, but that’s where they believe the issue resides.

Keep in mind that it sounds more like an occasional problem than something that is plaguing everyone. Likely an issue with quality control when producing the Surface covers.

Again, these kinds of launch issues are common for EVERY company that produces hardware and software– the most important thing is how quickly and effectively a company addresses and fixes the issue.

It looks like Microsoft isn’t ignoring users’ problems and quickly looking to fix the issue at hand.

What do you think? Do you have a Surface RT with a touch or type cover? If so, any issues with your volume muting?

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  • Anthony

    If that is the only issue then that isn’t so bad at all. Every single iPhone version has had some sort of hardware or software problem. Android phones have their fair share of issues as well. I am glad Microsoft is taking steps to fix the issue as soon as possible. This is one of the things that I love about Microsoft, they are very quick to react to issues and release patches or updates almost immediately after being notified of issues or bugs. That is one of the great advantages of their Windows Update service, they can offer specific software “fixes” on a case by case basis without having to update the complete operating system and risk “breaking” other features. This is something neither Apple or Android can do yet. They develop updates and make the user wait forever to be able to download them because of all the additional testing that the carriers require. It may take up to a year to get a much needed update because Google and the device manufacturers have to adhere to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-mobile’s testing phases. And even after the updates get released, they often have other broken features that weren’t there before the update. And you never get a specific update, it’s always a complete system update, which can be very dangerous as far as your personal data is concerned. On more than one occasion an update has rendered my device useless, requiring me to flash a stock version of my device’s system. It’s happened to me on both Apple and Android devices. When Windows has an update it is for one specific issue and only updates one specific app or feature. You don’t have to go and reinstall the whole operating system, and there is never a fear of “bricking” your device. Microsoft does updates the right way, the way updates should be handled. This is a very important feature of Windows, one that is almost completely overlooked, but when you use other devices’ update methods, you really start to appreciate how Microsoft handles things.

  • Anthony

    If this issue was on an Apple product they would tell you that you are listening to the wrong kind of music and offer you a $5.00 gift card to itunes.

  • http://twitter.com/JoppeVR JoppeVR

    I do have issues but I won’t order a new one because it’s not so annoying

  • Nick

    It’s a little bit of a nuisance that so many products launched of late have these issues. I remember when I bought the new iPhone 4 and faced signal problems. Now I hear that the iPhone 5 is prone to scuffing.

  • RNagaoka

    JoppeVR, I agree with you. It’s not a deal breaker. I love the touch cover!!!

  • Carolina

    I lost 5000 pictures in the Apple update back in June / July. On contacting their phone support, they had no idea what happened!!

    Lets hope this issue with the volume in the Surface RT gets fixed soon.

  • Joshua Carr

    Is this problem just with the Surface RT or also with the Windows 8 Pro model??