Windows 8 has been available to early adopters like me since September, allowing us to grow with the Windows 8 experience and learn its ins and outs. Personally, I have had WDP on my machine for about a month and have ran it as my primary OS for only a week.

Despite only recently switching to Windows 8 is my main OS I have still logged at least 30-40 hours of time in Windows 8. In this time I’ve learned a lot of the good aspects of the OS but I’ve also had my share of annoyances.

I understand that many of the problems I find so annoying will likely be addressed in the upcoming Beta. Until the Beta, however they remain as part of the bitter aftertaste of an otherwise wonderful experience.

So what are my biggest annoyances? Honestly most of them have to do with Metro. The new UI is a sore point for a lot of early adopters that have used WDP, but I actually don’t think it’s a bad change.

Once Metro has all the chinks worked out and has better apps it will actually be a very useful playground for getting basic tasks done, though it likely won’t replace desktop for the bigger tasks.

Until these chinks are worked out though, Metro has several interface flaws.

There is something about the sea of green presented in Metro and throughout the Windows 8 experience that just gets plain old. I know it wasn’t the most important feature to have out for the Developer Preview, but I wish the customization options were present.

The good news is that Microsoft has already shown off these kinds of features in a recent build of Windows 8, so by the Beta I will finally be able to banish away all the green.

The next issues I take with Metro are that I’m a desktop user and am comfortable with the idea of closing out an app when I’m done with it. In Desktop mode this is more than possible, but Metro apps can’t close.

They are designed to hibernate in time and aren’t supposed to slow down your experience that much but I wish there was a better way to close them beyond going in the Task Manager.

Another qualm about the apps are that they break. I’ve had to refresh or tweak my settings twice now thanks to apps that refuse to open. This often has to do with the resolution of your screen, but I’ve figured out there is also a bug associated with too.

I imagine this is a quirk that will disappear from Metro with the BETA. Since there is no Marketplace Beta, I don’t use many apps so this isn’t that huge of a problem but still a minor annoyance.

Last but not least, shutting down is a lot of work or at least finding the button is. When I first logged into Windows 8 I searched frantically looking for a way to shut down. I found that I could log out of my account from Metro, and then go to the lock screen. From the lock screen there is a shutdown option. This seemed like a lot of steps.

Reading about it online, I learned about two weeks into using Windows 8 that if you highlight over the Windows icon (that launches metro) the mini-menu will pop up. I already knew about this mini-menu but never thought to look under ‘settings’. Sure enough, in ‘settings’ there is an option to shut down. This seems like an awfully strange place to put the shutdown key.

Overall, Windows 8 is a good operating system and you can’t fault Windows Developer Preview for having a few quirks. This is probably some of the most solid pre-Beta software I’ve ever used and I’m glad that Microsoft has been generous enough in recent years to give average Joes the chance to mess around with their OS before it hits the market.

What do you think of Windows 8? Any particular quirks you’ve heard about or ran in to that I didn’t make mention of? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Well, i havent managed to get my 3g modem to work under windows 8, although it works just fine under XP and 7.
    Any1 has any suggestions? it’s a Huawei E173

  2. Pressing Windows Key + I opens the Setting screen. Then click on Power icon and select Shutdown.
    Also to get quick access to the Start menu press the Windows key + C.

  3. closing metro apps on touch screen drag the app from top down and then drag to the left tis will close the app

  4. i personally think as a desktop os without a touchscreen that the metro interface is clunky. and a pain to use. I don’t see a point to it. However I think on a touch screen it would be a very nice interface. Just doesn’t seem to me to make sense on a system without a touch screen

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