More and more bug reports are flying in as more and more users deploy the preview version of Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s upcoming fresh now upgrade for Windows 8.

The technology community has been quick to try out the public preview build that was released on June 26. And expectedly some configurations have run into problems here and there.

This time the issue at hand is screen brightness, with some users complaining that their displays are extremely difficult to read in some cases. According to one user on the official Microsoft forum, screen brightness, even when set at 100 percent, is still terribly low:

“Screen brightness is at 100% but it is as though it is using the previous battery mode rather than plugged in mode. It is making the screen quite difficult to read. Using the inbuilt tools to alter the colour properties kind of helps but it destroys the colours when you increase colour brightness. I have hard rebooted the Elite tab several times with no joy.”

Microsoft has already released a batch of updates for Windows 8.1 Preview, and is expected to release another one soon to address and fix these issues reported by users.

The RTM version of the operating system is scheduled to be delivered sometimes next month, and the software titan would want all these bugs ironed out before it is handed out to equipment manufacturers. General availability of Windows 8.1 is expected in October.

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