The release of the next firmware for Lumia devices is imminent, and it appears that some users are receiving a few Lumia Denim features, even as the full release is a little while away.

Microsoft is making final adjustments for the launch.

And some Lumia 930 users have confirmed that they have received some new features on their phones. This report from China claims that few users of this particular handset that have enrolled in the Preview for Developers program have received this new option.

Even while all these devices are still powered by Lumia Cyan — Windows Phone 8.1 Update build 14203, the exact version.

Interestingly, these new options that have arrived on Lumia 930 handsets do not actually work, which could be a sign that more updates are in the pipeline for Microsoft’s flagship.

Of the features that are in, the “Hey Cortana” option is there, allowing users to activate the personal assistant without touching the phone. Some photography improvements for the camera are also there, many of which have been discussed earlier.

But while it’s somewhat unusual (and odd) for Redmond to roll out incomplete features for Lumia phones, sources do claim that this is the beginning of the Lumia Denim rollout.

And it should be available to everyone in the coming days.

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