Sony Confirms Windows Phone Interest, Aims For Record Sales In 2015

Sony Confirms Windows Phone Interest, Aims For Record Sales In 2015

It is remarkable how big some companies (conglomerates, in this case) can get, and yet they are left so far behind in certain fields. Take Sony for instance, it has rarely ruled the mobile and telecommunication landscape, even with the acquisition of Ericsson at the start of last decade.

Sony Mobile Communications was ranked as the fourth largest mobile phone maker in the world back in 2009, and the very next year it further dipped to sixth place.

Long story short, the potential is there, but Sony is yet to do justice to its mobile ambitions.

But it could soon change. Sony Mobile has now confirmed talks with Microsoft on the matter of developing and launching Windows Phone powered handsets. Sony launched a Windows Phone a few years back, the Xperia X1, and even though a successor was announced, it never materialized.

Now, however, things are different.

The head of Sony Mobile Europe Pierre Perron, has confirmed that the Windows Phone platform is indeed a very distinct possibility in the near future.

And although talks with Microsoft regarding this are at a very early stage, the executive has offered no information when we could see the launch of a Windows Phone powered smartphone.

Speaking of which, since Sony Mobile now focuses solely on smartphones now, the company is aiming big this year and the next. In an interview, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has revealed that the company wants to surpass 80 million unit sales by the end of 2015.

This is a big increase, almost double, keeping in mind that the company expects to sell around 42 million handsets during fiscal year 2013. If this offensive includes a Windows Phone or two it could just be icing on the cake for Microsoft and its quest to popularize its mobile platform.

  • Ray C

    Good news. Windows Phone is where the growth potential. Everyone who dives right in will be proven correct. They just need to make sure the phones are on ALL carriers.