Cheesy headline, I know, but I was hoping Microsoft’s flagship slate wouldn’t have to suffer from this bug. But latest reports suggest that the muted sound issue has started to pop up on Surface Pro tablets as well, just like it did on Surface RT ones.

Thousands (or even millions) may be waiting to get their hands on a Surface Pro, but things like these have the potential to totally spoil the fun — particularly considering Microsoft’s recent track record of ironing out bugs like these on its tablets.

This is in addition to the stylus pen troubles bothering Surface Pro buyers.

As things stand, the sound gets unexpectedly muted on Surface Pro tablets when a Touch Cover is connected. Removing it solves the problem, but exchanging it with a new one does not.

Users have complained on the official Microsoft support forums, and a Microsoft forum moderator acknowledged the problem:

“Regarding the issue of having the sound mute randomly, and in TH IT’s case, unmute, please get in touch with the Surface Technical Support to exchange the Touch / Type Cover. We’re still investigating the issue, however it appears that the cover may be the issue.”

Type Covers, on the other hand, reportedly work just fine.

You may recall a similar issue affected the Surface RT tablet as well, and initially believed to be a software glitch. While this looks quite definitely a hardware issue affecting the covers, users are recommended to contact their local Microsoft Stores for exchanging the faulty accessories.

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  1. I love how MS moderators can formulate: ” please get in Touch with the Surface Technical Support to exchange the Touch / Type Cover. “

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