South Korea Plans To Switch To Open Source By 2020

South Korea has become the latest country to outline plans to move away from Microsoft software in the near future, and go for open source entirely in government organizations.

This report says that the retirement of Windows XP is actually playing a part here.

A government statement that was rolled out during the weekend revealed that South Korea had plans to move to open source software entirely by 2020 — several pilot programs, however, are on track to begin in the very near future.

Officials say that they have recently moved from Windows XP to Windows 7, but they do not want to make the same investment at the end of the decade.

A total of 10 private and public institutions are set to be included in this pilot program that would determine whether open source (read Linux) is the right choice. If this is a success by 2018, the authorities plan to continue this transition on all systems.

Expect Microsoft to make plenty of moves between now and then, surely.

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