Redmond has been awfully coy about the first Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone handsets that seems all set to go official in the coming weeks, but sources in China have been leaking details left and right.

We got some photos of the device that is being called RM-1090 just yesterday.

And now some hardware specifications about the device are now out, confirming that the very first Microsoft Lumia device is a midrange affair.

As reported here, the Windows Phone handheld features a 5-inch HD screen, and will be available in a variety of colors just like other Nokia Lumia smartphones — think black, white, green, blue and orange.

Continuation of a good thing!

It also comes with a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 chip that is paired with 1GB of RAM, which should bode well for it to be able to run most apps available on the Windows Phone Store, but also the upcoming Windows Phone 10 operating system once it launches.

While the front facing camera is a VGA only affair, the 5 megapixel rear shooter should offer decent photos. Throw in the 19000 mAh battery, and you’re good for two days of moderate use.

Word is that Microsoft aims to make its first Lumia device very affordable, so that it can duke it out with other Android handsets that are available in the market — the Chinese market that is to say, as this handset is currently exclusive for that region only.

But similar models should launch in other countries and rest of the world soon.

In China, though, Microsoft is planning to launch this device at just $100 (€75), which should make it a very exciting option, when you consider the access to additional Microsoft services that it provides.

We shall see.

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