Speculation about Amazon tablets is building

There are rumors that Amazon will be releasing several new tablets in the near future.

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are both hinting the following about the new tablets.

  • The first will be an e-ink-based replacement for the current Kindle eReader, which is a thin, light, low-cost, black-and-white device that will likely start under $100.
  • The second will be a color Kindle that would rival Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color. Like the Nook, Amazon’s color Kindle will run on the Google Android mobile OS and feature a touch screen.
  • The third device is perhaps the most intriguing because it will directly compete with Apple’s iPad and be similar to that device in size, weight, and capabilities. This full-featured Amazon tablet will cost less than the iPad and run Android apps, and will be backed by Amazon’s capacious ecosystem.
This is going to be really interesting because Amazon have been very careful not to rush to market with a BS tablet. They have been very quiet and focused so Apple (and Microsoft) may be in store for a bit of a shock.
What do you guys think?