Speculation builds that Ballmer may be gone next year

Newsweek magazine is predicting speculating that Steve Ballmer may be removed from Microsoft next year.

The reasons they give are pretty impressive.

1) Vista

2) Stock Price

3) Zune loss to the Ipod

4) Internet Search loss to Google

5) Windows Mobile loss to Iphone

Steve BallmerI personally don’t think that Steve Ballmer will and should be replaced. Microsoft is a mature company now and has to adapt.

Steve Ballmer has made some mistakes but I think he has been a relatively stable hand at the wheel. In addition, they fail to mention that Windows 7 is a real success. Also Windows Server 2008 isn’t half bad either.

I think speculation like this is a good wakeup call.

Ballmer does need to do something very different in 2010 to make sure that MSFT is not irrelevant in the new year.

Source: Newsweek

What do you think of the job that Steve Ballmer has done? Should he stay or go?

  • Mike

    I think Ballmer should stay. He is entertaining and Microsoft need him.

    The fact of the matter is Microsoft is just in a funk right now and are always one major hit away from changing the world.

  • Jim

    Ballmer did a terrible job since day 1.

  • xinu

    1 year later, Ballmer is still here, and it seems hes here to stay ;D.