It goes without saying but the Windows operating system is pretty much synonymous with the PC revolution. Now Windows can be found almost everywhere, from cars to the cloud, laptops to palmtops.

And while the OS had humble beginnings, it really came into its own with Windows 95.

But there was no looking back after that. Subsequent versions of Microsoft’s flagship operating platform bundled in a world of features, design and UI changes, and performance enhancements. It may appear that keeping track of how the Windows platform evolved will be quite some task.

It is not — in fact, it is rather simple if you go by an image that a Japanese user tweeted.

The picture says (almost) everything there is to say about the journey from Windows 95 to Windows 8, using nothing but houses.

Things started with a simple and tiny dwelling that came with just the basic, necessary things. But it becomes a reasonable two-storied house after Windows XP was released. The mess of Windows Vista is rather nicely portrayed.

Windows 7 is displayed as the best of the bunch — a classy abode.

While the latest iteration of the operating system, Windows 8 has got a bit of everything, including splashes of colors and all kinds of designs and shapes.

But hey, at least everyone at Redmond seems to be satisfied with the way the new version looks, eh?

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