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It appears that the mobile world is slowly but steadily catching up to PCs when it comes to productivity. Split screen multitasking is no longer a buzzword these days.

Microsoft introduced the concept with success in Windows 8, Samsung too implemented it, and this feature is almost guaranteed in the upcoming iOS 8. So where does that leave Windows Phone, which is on track to get a version upgrade early next year?

While it is not yet clear whether that will be a limited preview launch or a qualified consumer release for end users, some hints about what is coming next to the Windows Phone platform are floating up.

Microsoft is expected to talk about its mobile OS in some capacity on September 30 during the rumored Windows 9 unveil, and chances are that we might be introduced to the second major update for the mobile operating system.

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And what will it bring about?

Well, how about some split screen multitasking action to go with actionable notifications?

Insiders are claiming that both features are coming to the platform. Microsoft wants users to be able to do more from notifications in the Action Center, meaning you will be able to reply to messages and app notifications and act on reminders directly.

No point in explaining the split screen multitasking bit — just a fancy name for having two apps or windows open at once.

A point worth noting here is that this feature will only be available for devices that have a certain minimum display size, meaning the low end budget Windows Phone smartphones might miss out.

However, it is best to wait for the official confirmation from Microsoft on this.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Well, sooner than later Microsoft.

  2. Microsoft should have found a way to patent this feature

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